Unfortunate Events

Mix terrible weather with cancelled flights and nearly impossible to reach, awful service with airlines, our trip to Ecuador is postponed.  We are sad to announce that our energies and efforts will have to hold off until spring where we hope to join The Working Boys Center and venture to Banos as once planned.  

As campus minister and coordinator of this trip, I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful, patient, and open-minded group of students to journey alongside.  Please continue to pray for us as we consider next steps to arrange a trip in the spring.  

Thanks for your continued support!

Patience…our New Years Hope

UPDATE:  Flight was delayed in Kansas City and therefore we lost our connection in Houston.  After five hours of calling agents, talking to airport agents, almost boarding planes only to get stuck in other cities, checking status updates, etc. etc. etc. we won’t be going to Quito until Monday.  Yes…monday! We’ll miss our weekend trip to Banos, but Quito will enjoy our presence soon enough.  Here’s to hoping that the weather remains calm and our flights on Monday are good to go.  

Weekends are for resting.  Until Monday…hang tight and thank you for taking this journey with us!


Preparing for Ecuador

In less than a month, 9 Avila students and 2 chaperone’s will be taking a service-immersion trip to Ecuador for 12 days.  As it quickly approaches, we want to offer a space to reflect, post pics, give thanks, and share this experience with you.

For now, here’s a bit of information on The Working Boys Center, an organization who will be our host during our time shared in Quito:

Working Boys Center: www.workingboyscenter.org

We are a Catholic institution, committed to working boys and their families, founded with the objective of creating, developing and strengthening moral values by means of changes in attitudes and behavior, helped by programs of formation and social assistance. This process of change stresses ten important areas of life: loyalty, personal formation, family, religion, education, economy, work, recreation, health and housing.

Our goal is that the families of the working boys will be united in their Christian commitment, be financially independent, have access to education, health and quality basic services; become agents of change, oriented to the construction of a just society that promotes equal participation and respect for fundamental rights.